Friday, May 9, 2008

once upon a mater time...

the tale of the mighty mater matter
queen mater met with king mater and queen mater asked king mater, shall we allow our princes and princesses the freedom to explore the kingdom? king mater thought hard on this question. king mater was a kind king. king mater loved his wee mater princes and princesses. king mater knew his children were eager to explore the world of materland and meet other young fruits of the kingdom.
days passed and queen mater once again asked king mater, shall we allow our princes and princesses the freedom to explore the kingdom. king mater once again gave and inquisitive look and told queen mater that in three days he would decide upon the mater matter. king mater informed queen mater that he had decided to meet with three of his most trusted mater matter council members in the next three days.
king mater gathered his best caterpillar scribes to scribble a number of mater matter requests to his three most trusted mater matter council members. the caterpillar scribes scribbled with ease and produced several copies of each letter at once due to their gifted many scribble savvy legs.
each of the king's mater matter council were quick to reply.
queen bee arrived even before her letter had returned
master toad was heard to arrive in a quick hop skip and a jump
dame lady lady lady bug was said to arrive soon after.
the council met. time passed and nothing was heard for two whole days. queen mater began to wonder weather the mater matter would ever be resolved.
queen mater consulted with her dear friend lord lizard lizard for comfort and lord lizard lizard assured queen mater that soon very soon the mater matter would come to resolution.
for now he advised the queen to enjoy a bit of a seaweed salad and to wash it down with a bit of a fishy fishy late'. and queen mater did.
come back later for more of the tale of the mater matter...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the tale of the mater matter.

shellywoman said...

you are funny. i have been feeling guilty about this lately. i have got to upload the second install. you have given me the push. it is time.

thank you.