Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on the up happy day happy day

still sniffling, still sneezing, still coughing and still not at 100 percent but i have a feeling that slowly i may be heading towards recovery. i could not stand it any longer, i had to get outside yesterday. i thought that just the being with the plants and growing creatures would be a cheerful adventure. once out... trouble.

i mowed and i coughed
i weeded and i sneezed
i moved trimmings and i sniffled
i watered and my eyes watered too
but i could not have been happier

the yard was really beginning to look a bit shaggy and frankly, it was driving me up a wall. i take pride in the look of the grounds and shaggy is certainly not my style. so mission 1, mow the lawn, accomplished. there are still a whole lot of trimmings that need transferring to the compost piles. and the gutters need a brushing off once again. third time this year. it's the pollen pods from the live oak trees this time around. i've got them on each side of the house and bowering over three sides so it makes gutter duty pretty much a year round event. i do have screens inserted over the gutters but the screens do not keep materials from piling up upon themselves.

i'll finish the chicken coop today. then i'll pick up some hay for bedding. i've got to give a call to a fellow i know in austintown that sells organic chicken feed. his feed shop is in austintown but he lives here in my town, bastroptown so things might work out if he'll agree to pop a bag in his truck on the way home. he's said he'd do as much and all i have to do is ask. so i guess it's time to ask.

it's time to set up the soaker hose watering system. the hot hot hot days are just around the corner and doing labor intensive work in screaming temperatures is killer. i've got all the goods, just a matter of getting them all in. i use shorter extension hoses to get to the veggie bed themselves, then i tie in the soaker hoses. i water just what needs watering and not the path to the beds which helps save water and helps to keep unwanted weedy bits from growing along the path.

i've been working the past few weeks at the tweaking of all the faucets. even though we don't experience tough winters here, the faucets still get the yearly leak a bit here, leak a bit there thing. everybody loves a bit of attention i guess. anyway, they are all in happy good not leaking no more condition.

noticed this morning that compost pile #1 and #2 need a bit of attention. the screen door that i use as a top to the structure has a bit of damage that needs fixing. the door seems to have snapped in two on one side but in a way where a bit of glue and a screw will repair. it's a favorite spot for the neighborhood cats to nap on. and i've seen up to three cats on top of the door at one time. it is a prime location, partial sun, partial shade and in perfect view of all the lizard lizards, birds and other romping creatures of the hippychick universe. i don't think the cats care if i fix it or not. they seem have found ways to balance themselves on other parts of the door and continue to nap up there just the same. when you find a good napping spot folks, you gotta keep it, residence is 99% of ownership, yeah? something like that.

well i've got to get myself together if i'm going to get anything started. we've got a slight chance of thunderstorms today and the weatherperson says some of them could be severe. i'm not so sure if we'll actually get hit down here. the sky is looking like it could burn off and clear up in no time. we certainly would not hurt for a bit of rain. either way, ok.

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