Thursday, May 15, 2008

the morning buzz

two types of bees delivering the news this morning. a big fluffy bumbly pair of fellows and a smaller group that make no beef about climbing right into the sage flower when extracting the good juice. the bumblers really carry some weight. the stem bends with each landing.
i found it interesting to note that the little fellows will come and go independently while the bumblers come and go in a pack formation. if you have one bumbler, you have several, if you have none, you got none but soon they return.
the blue sage and purple sages really seem to be a favorite of theirs in the garden. i'm sure to find them there each morning. it's my pleasure and they don't seem to mind me at all. i can brush up against the sage while i'm working in the garden without any negative results. don't know if they recognize my scent or are just too darn busy to care about the digging giant hanging in their neighborhood.
every once in a while they'll fly a circle or two around me before the head back to work. i've always wondered what that meant. it seems calculated the way it works. any bee experts out there know?
i have yet to discover where the bees are living. and i have yet to fabricate and set out mason bee homes but i plan to in the very near future. once the chook ladies are set, it's on to projects in the waiting.
i slowed the shutter speed and the bee becomes a blurr. speedy fellows they are.

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