Sunday, May 18, 2008

the ladies display

we had our first alarm today with the chicken ladies. i was in the kitchen cooking up a quiche and a fruit and pudding pie when the alarm was rung. i did not rush out right away thinking there might just be a sisterly skirmish going on but the alarm continued and someone was serious about sending the message to someone else.

the someone sending the message was freckles. she was bocking up a storm. the individual not getting the message was a local cat checking out the new neighbors. freckles just kept sounding and sounding until i finally whooshed the cat around the corner. and in an instant freckles was quiet.

i stayed to watch the ladies for a bit to make sure everything was alright. saffron was sitting quietly in a corner seeming not bothered a bit as alfie trotted over to check on freckles. then something beautiful happened. alfie gave freckles a sort of chicken kiss and then a second. alfie then trotted over to saffron and did the same. seems alfie is the soother of the three, freckles is the protectoress and saffron is the laid back chica.

i'm not quite sure about saffron yet actually. it is 91 freaking degrees out. she might not have moved because she did not wish to give up her shaded real estate. she's got a corner she likes to settle in and has already shown me that she'll give the others a little shove out to keep it.

a little bit later i noticed alfie jump atop of the hutch and freckles step out to the run. they were not yet fully settled when freckles popped back in and clucked to alfie. i wonder if alfie was on watch from one side and freckles from the other. don't know.

all is quiet now. at least until that cat gets curious again. the good news is, i'll know if ever there is a threat, freckles is sure to let me know. she's got good pipes!

being the sucker that i am, i cut up a small wedge of muskmelon for the ladies to munch on for their afternoon tea. melon helps me cool down a bit, don't know why it could not do the same for the ladies.

interesting ponder...
i have made a choice to raise these ladies organic and i plan to supplement their feed with fresh greens and veggies regularly so as to breed the healthiest eggs. i wonder if the attention i pay to raising super eggs plays out in how i will choose to feed myself. in fact, i think the attentions paid to the ladies can only prove positive.

after all, you are what you feed your chickens, isn't that right?

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