Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kind of grey, kind of muggy, lighting could strike at anytime

today is starting as one of those 'can't quite decide what kind of day i want to be days' with the weather. the clouds are heavy and thick then pop! a break and a glimpse of sunlight washes through, then the cover returns and it feels like rain. it's the type of day where i wonder if the lighting will suddenly come roaring in.

don't know, looks like it might all burn off in not too much time though the skies out miles away are slate in color and less optimistic in nature. i'd be happy either way and this does not seem to deter the birds, squirrels or bees from their morning duties. the bees are all over the flowering sage and the borage this morning, big bees today, the bumble looking sort.

i've noticed at least three types of bees buzzing about. i could not name them for you, i don't have that type of expertise at this time but the range very clearly in size and shape.

then there are the brick red colored wasps with the yellowish see through wings that seem to enjoy nectar as their meal of choice. i welcome them all, good for the bees, good for the garden.

i've got all kinds of flowers located around the house. it's been a slow steady build of varieties that are not only beautiful but feeders of insects and birds. i've made efforts to stay conscious of both characteristics rather than focusing purely on the pretty aspect of things.

here's a look.

check in later today for an update on the doings. have not yet decided myself if it's going to be an outside kind of day or a finally get the inside of the house in order kind of day. one task i must get through is the reading of the papers. so i think we're looking at a combo day. nothing better, variety is good.

and sometimes i even allow these babies to flower. super thistles!
and there are even more, now if i can just locate my camera battery charger.
where are you battery charger????

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