Tuesday, May 20, 2008

jeesh it's freakin' hot out here!

darn it all, the heat has really kicked in. 95 freakin' degrees and we are not even at peak heat for the day yet. feels like fire out there. good thing i'm an early riser, otherwise i'd get near to nothing done. there's only so much a person can do before you really begin to feel fried up when it's this hot.

i'm so so glad i built the chicken coop in the shadiest part of the yard. it's paying off beyond that which i had even hoped for. there's about an hour of super hot as the sun is coming down but that's it and the chickenladies have already figured out to rotate into shaded spots during this period. saffron is the smartiest of the smartie pants. she sets herself down next to the waterer and just sips her way through it. alfie and freckles play dodge the light and travel back and forth to the waterer. once the sun has dropped enough that other houses and trees block it off they all head outside. this action happens like clockwork and they have not been coming in for the night until 8:45pm or so. they really take advantage of the cooler evening air.

good news, the new roosts are a hit! i'll see if i can get a picture of the ladies settled this evening. just glad they like it.

well this morning was a dirty morning. i was out digging around in the raised beds running new soaker hoses. i buried each hose around 4" down figuring that the soil will compact a bit throughout the season. compact due to the worm action, things composting down and general erosion. after running the new hoses, i mulched each garden with dried out hay. with this heat coming so soon, the mulch was more than necessary.

i moved a few pepper plants that i had grown from seedling. they were looking just a bit too close to one another. lucky for me, i finished the brunt of the job prior to the superheat. i have one more small bed to run out front and the outback gardens to do.

i pulled a bunch of carrots today. they look good, nice sized. i've cleaned them off and put them in the fridge. thinking about cooking up a bowl of those for dinner. nothing like carrots the day you picked them.

i've got some planting to do later today or maybe best to wait until morning. my coneflower seedlings are ready to go in and i've got a few lemon basil seedlings ready for planting as well. i'm really looking forward to the day the coneflowers flower. i love them but i may have to wait a year unless they really take off.

i cooked up a batch of onion soup late last night. had to wait for the day too cool down before doing so. i used onions from the garden, a bay leaf from my bay tree, thyme from the garden and a bit of store bought cinnamon for flavor. onion soup is super good. so good that i am tempted to cook up a second batch. i freeze the lot in small portions so i can just pull one out when the craving hits.

the sauerkraut is beginning to bubble. no smell yet. wait for it... wait for it...

now is a bit of inside time. time to reread my countryside magazines and sit back with a glass of iced tea. i'll pop outside a bit later once the scorn of the sun has passed. til then, ta ta

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