Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it's my pleasure to eat and be at home these days

for those of you who enjoy a frequent dining out, have heart, i too enjoy a fancypants night out at a restaurant that specializes in fresh well prepared foods, but as of late, that fancypants night out has been happening right here at home.

yesterday, i decided to go out for lunch to a local restaurant just blocks away. i was not super hungry, i was just looking for a bit of a change and a chance to do some people watching, gain a bit of insight to the local goings on and possibly a bit of small town gossip. this was the place to get all of that and a good big quart sized ball jar of iced cold tea.

i ordered pretty simple, a b.l.fgt. sandwich; that's a bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sandwich. i myself have never truly succeeded with the art of the fried green tomato and there may be the day when i do concur the process but for now, i leave it in the hands of the southern experts. i sat, enjoyed my tea, and sat a bit longer - you see nobody rushes in this little town of mine so the wait is not a sign of panic in the kitchen or abuse by a disgruntled waitress, it's all just part of the culture.

well when the sandwich arrived, i was excited. the bread looked good, the bacon was very lean and the lettuce was crisp. i took a first bite and was shocked to be thinking, "oh my, i could have done much better than this at home." and from that moment on it was about kindly eating my lunch, listening in for some good gossip and just enjoying the scene.

on the way back home, i thought, funny, that was a pure moment of discovery. home grown, home made, and home raised foods are much more satisfying than any day out. i mean i knew that already but the going out proved a whole lot less special than the eating at home. the next thought, "i'm definitely going to become a bit of a hermit now", kind of, not really but kind of, probably, actually i think i'm a hermit already. good thing i have cool neighbors.

i don't go out much, for parties and drinks and such. it's a very selective process for me. i prefer gatherings where people can actually sit and talk and that's usually what i do. if it turns out to be a see and be seen type of thing i'm usually gone in a very short bit of time. it's just not my thing. i'm not a fan of small talk, just not my game.

most of my buddies live in a bit far ways off away in austintown. i take the price of gas seriously and do my best to use less oil when i can.

another reason for selectivity is that i really enjoy my home, my garden, my supercat and my chickenladies. there's always something that needs doing and i've got plenty of ideas that win my attentions. most of all, i feel comfortable here and i enjoy watching the veggies grow, the birds fly around, the squirrels digging and foraging, the lizard lizards sunning and patrolling the garden bug population and digging up a few worms in my efforts of planting.

this is after all, my idea of slow which i don't do with much success but it's as close as i'll ever get and i like it.

when it comes to cooking, i'm pretty talented there. i can whip a lot of somethings out of nothing as some of my friends have expressed. to me it's fun and another outlet for creativity. i consider all of the effort it took for that plant to emerge from a seed, to survive the ups and downs of temperature and water shifts, to gather it's sustenance from the soil and air and the to produce a fruit or edible root or leaf structure. that inspires me and so the dinners and lunches and brunches grow from there.

i don't talk much when i'm at home. i talk to myself a lot but that's usually me figuring out how to get something done or to make fun of myself. i think a lot of deep thinking happens when i'm not paying attention. sometimes the thoughts present themselves in my dreams, sometimes just when i'm working or sitting and sometimes in the shower. whenever they come is fine with me, i think too much as it is so i'm used to thoughts and ideas popping into focus at any old time.

so for now, the thought is how much i enjoy the act of being - at home. and that's a big one. eating at home is good too. it's good to know how you, yourself, feel about your own living.

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