Thursday, May 29, 2008

how often do you clean out the coop?

this is the first time cleaning out the coop. it's been two weeks and i figured the hay bedding might need some changing. after all was said and done i think all i really needed to do was flip the hay around some. the floor underneath was dry, the hay was not matting together nor was there any type of odor build up. i do bed the hay fairly deep. the ladies to tromp it down where they want but i think with the generous size of the coop relative to the trio that i may give this next round a try at the flip. i'm curious what other folks do.

here are the figuring details:
  • three lady chickenchicas
  • the interior coop is 8'x8'x7'3" high
    • bedded with hay
  • the exterior run is 8'x 3'9"x 3'10" high
    • bedded with leaves, grass clippings and a few buckets full of compost
      • i have found this bedding to keeps flies away
      • the ladies are constantly scratching so they scratch and compost in their doings before the flies can find it.
  • i live in texas and it's hot
  • i occasionally sprinkle the areas with lime and diatomaceous earth
    • fights mites and odors
    • dries things up
    • again keeps flies away
how do you do it? curious.

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Ash said...

Oh I TOTALLY want chickens now!