Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hot dry and too darn early for it all

my efforts to use less energy and keep the a.c. off led to a fairly rough night sleeping. the windows were open to allow for a cross breeze but the air was pretty still. the temperatures ended up topping out at 99˚. that's too hot for this time of year folks, turn it down.

this morning is better, back down to the 70's and the breeze if picking up but it looks like it's going to hit the 90's again. some parts of texas are alerted to severe weather warnings with temps possibly reaching the 104˚ range. oooh i'm glad i'm not there, though when july hits, that will be us too.

from my readings, i've learned that it's easier for chickens to keep warm and harder for them to cool down so these temps are not doing the ladies any favors.

i'm looking into a small misting system for the coop to help pull down the temps and keep the chickenchicas from heat stress and possible related illness. the misters are reported to pull temps down up to 30˚. hey if i can loose about 15˚ to 20˚ that will do.

i think i'm going to go with this smaller mist kit. don't want the ladies to feel wet, just cool. and if this is nice for them, i may consider a misting system for the front porch. the only down side is water consumption.

time to get my 650 gallon tank set up to collect roof rain. the project that requires big strong peeps and something i don't often ask for, help!

for the now, i've got these two 75 gallon barrels and they help out a lot. gotta save more rain. well that's if it would rain.

one can only ask for so much at any one time.

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