Saturday, May 3, 2008

feasting the eyes


squash or pumpkin really don't know, the patch where this baby lives is of the growing from the compost pile volunteer sort. rock on baby. if you want to live then live! such a pretty.

pale pink roses and pretty yellow coreopsis.
can't do nothing but smile when i see this.

fearless volunteers. go team!

comfrey so demure
from root cutting to this beauty in only a few short weeks.

hippy chick's first pomegranite flower, ahhh.

yummy yummy
art in the artichoke

beans begin their climb to higher altitudes
yellow, purple, green already harvesting too!

sorrel and carrots
no need for mulch here.

rugosa rose
hot pink as it should be

can you freakin' believe this!
i love it.
most of my maters are loaded loaded loaded already
happy saturday to you

i'm going to be social today. got a barbeque to go to. i've prepped a mango curry cole slaw with cabbage, fennel and chard all from the garden. it's super duper yummy. never made it before today. it's a keeper. now if i can only remember everything i threw in there. hmmph!

silly hippy chick recipies are for people other than you.

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