Friday, May 23, 2008

even in the heat you gotta do it

as dry as it is, the grass keeps growing. as hot as it is, you gotta mow the lawn.

mowing the lawn today was awful dusty. i'm not watering the lawn these days. i'm just watering the gardens, the trees and surrounding flower gardens when they look like they need it.

i've done my best to plant natives with the thought that they would require less water. but there are times when the blistering heat is too much for us all and then everybody gets a drink.

anyway, i mowed until i ran out of gas. i knew the tank was not full and i knew i would mow until i could mow no more. i did pretty good. i got all of the front yard done. now i'm left with the outside of the fence chunks and the round the coop area. that i'll save for morning. it's too darn hot right now and i don't like to pump gas when it's this steamy. the fumes are just too much. plus it's better to pump when the weather is cool, less gas bits escape into the atmosphere in the cooler temps.

i spent the morning shifting two of my three citrus trees around. one was beginning to feel a bit tight in it's spot and the other was in a location where i had witnessed people walking by pull a lemon right off the bush. (yup, sad but true). several times i went right outside and said please don't take my lemons.

and you know, some of those folk deny taking them, whatever.

so now they are moved. the improved meyer lemon and my dwarf key lime tree are now in the back in the company of the apple, the peach and the plum tree. there's a bit of space between these trees and the fig and the apricot. i don't know yet what will occupy that space yet but it will be some sort of edible, possibly a blood orange. that's what i'd really like to place there.

well digging holes for trees means contact with worms means the ladies got another wormy treat today. they would be happy if i relocated trees everyday. i won't be moving much else around, at least not until fall when the weather proves a better ally to those moved.

after all that, i cleaned up the garage. i folded all the plastic sheeting that i use to keep the beds warm in winter. i folded all my tufbell rowcover. i swept the heck out the place and i put some things aside for a near future garage sale.

i've never had a garage sale but i think i'm ready. i've got some things that i just do not use and others that i carried all the way from chicago and still have no need for. good thing is that it's not really that much so it would prove a small but sweet garage sale. hey whatever works. i've already freecycled a number of items, the rest might actually buy some seeds for the fall or the blood orange tree.

you know you are a garden freak when extra cash immediately translates into seeds and trees. i guess it could be a whole lot worse. trees and seeds, as far as vices go, at least prove productive.

i did the ladies a big favor today. i installed some shade cloth on the west side of their crazy coop to help with the setting sun. it's just been so darn hot. i feel for the ladies. i don't want unhappy chickenchicas.

it's already proved a big help, i could feel the difference myself. i hung it at an angle so as to break the rays from a straight shot in. i think the ladies are thankful. i used a 6o% cloth. i had the option of purchasing 4o% or 6o%. i went for the big guns, too much sun is too much sun is too much sun.

oh and one last treat for the ladies today. i loaded up the run with several buckets of partially composted leaves and several buckets of fully mature dried compost. i spread everything around which pretty much covered the entire area.

they were outside like bullets. i think they could smell the worms and insects and whatnots lurking in the leafy bits. oh they were the happiest of happy clams. scratching and kicking and rolling and then snuggling up and napping. i had a trio of very dirty birds for a while there. amazingly enough though, when they got up and shook themselves up a bit, they were clean as a chicken. no dirty bits stuck in their feathers, alfie still white as could be and preened up real nice. i thought they were going to be dumpy. clearly i don't know all there is to know about the secrets of dirt bathing.

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