Tuesday, May 6, 2008

dried up and a bit crunchy- putting up food

the last few plants went in.

anaheim chili pepper
great for roasting

cayanne chili pepper
great for drying

one muskmelon vine

that's it... really
now it's time to let it all grow. question is. do i have the will power to allow just that to occur. well it might happen this year due to the fact that i've got a whole slew of projects i have yet to even get started on.

one more day of meetings and then maybe a bit of vacation is to be had. i've got a final group of papers to get through but that can be done sitting outside or lounging about in the house with a nice iced tea. anything that takes a bit of the pressure off.

had a bit of rain last night and the night before which is nice but i think it might mean muggy conditions today. hopefully the temperatures will remain tolerable. i know they are about to go sky high in a matter of days. i can see the mosquitoes flitting about from the inside. i think they know where i live.

purchased myself a food dehydrator last night. i was concerned about what to do with all the leeks and onions i've got left even after giving a good bit away. i chopped about 20 leeks up, layed them out on the trays and walla, 12 hours later, dried leeks and no worries for spoilage or waste. there they are just waiting for inclusion in a soup or an excellent batch of leekytater soup, vegetable soup, chicken soup, tai chicken soup, wild mushroom soup. kind of cool.

i like soup any time of year just as i enjoy iced coffee any time of year. yup i'm a bit of a freak that way.

the dehydrator is a bit noisy for my taste so each batch will definitely earn it's drying time. now i've got to learn a bit about vitamin and mineral loss in the dehydration process. it cannot be all good with no repercussion, can it? that's not usually how the wide world turns.

add a new chapter to hippychick's universe and the putting up of food.

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