Sunday, May 4, 2008

down deep in the dark dirt

oh what a difference a day makes. my gosh! in and out, in and out, i just could not sit still as the ideas of what to plant next where and with who. i did decide to pull the remaining onions from the soil. we have real hot days in the forecast for the next ten days and thought it best to act now. i have not braided them yet but there should be time tomorrow or tuesday to do so after my day meetings.

i composted quite a bit of plant bits down deep in the dark dirt rather than into the compost piles which at the moment are full to tippy top. i figure it will do no harm and probably do quite a bit of good going right back into the soil. while doing so i witnessed a hopping earth worm population which warms my gardening heart. i'm sure they will appreciate the veggie bits and do the veggies a great service for working the bits into the soil.

today was quite a day of turnover and i think all is well. now we've just got to keep the babies watered when they need watering. nothing else needs planting (don't believe a word of it). wednesday can then move to the crazy coop capers final push. coolio.

all this in the ground today
  • okra
  • carrots
    • planted in several locations
  • mesclun salad mix
  • christmas lima bean
  • summer squash
    • yup trying again this time under the okra
  • eggplant by seed
  • kidney beans
  • bush beans
    • yellow, green 3rd planting
  • bee balm
  • nasturtium flowers
    • with the beans, cucumbers and carrots
    • got some already growing with the taters
      • pretty and yummy to eat, bonus!
  • coreopsis by seed
    • in a new place under the okra
  • african zulu daisy by seed
  • alyssum flower by seed
    • pink, white and purple
  • echinacea flower by seed
  • red flax flower by seed
  • tangerine marigold by seed
that's it for the day. checkin' out.

now for an evening of chillin' with my bestest bud mr. t. coolest cat in the hippychick universe and galaxies beyond.



Anonymous said...

Hello Chick. Enjoyed the photos from the recent posts. Won’t ask you if you have been busy! Up here we’re still a couple of weeks away from planting. Rhubarb is up and my lettuce is small, may pick a batch (I have lots). Envious of your garlic, red spuds and carrots. Have never had a fresh artichoke. Been out looking for wild asparagus, but need some rain. We still have heavy frost in the morning. Cripes, I’m still wearing long underwear! Take care and don’t overcook those spuds.

shellywoman said...

hey robert!

rhubarb won't grow year round in these parts. envious of you. it's just too darn hot in these parts. when it does grow the stocks are weak and thin. have you got a greenhouse up there? i bet you could grow a few artichokes that way.
you may be wearing long underwear, but soon i'll be living in the swelter of heat. eikk! better to dress for warmth rather than have no option beyond naked... don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi again Chick. We got some rain which is sure to green things up. I do have a greenhouse it’s 6’X16’. It is great for peppers and cucumbers, right now it is full of ten different types of greens, all about 1 inch high. Perhaps I’ll give some artichokes a try. Looks like a beautiful plant.

I agree with you, would rather dress for warmth but wouldn’t mind basking in some heat even just for a short while. It’s been a long winter but spring is here and will be hot enough in another month or so.

Stay cool!