Sunday, May 18, 2008

the coming out party

the ladies have gathered and they have approved of their donning of name. so it gives me great pleasure to present to you the coming out of the newest lovelies of the hippychick universe.
please welcome and bestow your graces and many compliments to

the perky and most photogenic
princess alfie sunshine
the most beautiful, demure and silently strong
fraulein freckles flirtazia
and the curious and friendly
lady saffron sunflower
the ladies have agreed to accept gifts of greens and other such luscious munching goodies. you may call on them by appointment as the ladies are often very busy. the graces are lovely during a visit. they prove entertaining, chatter freely and display manners and etiquette with great civility.
visitation hours complete promptly at sundown due to the fact that the princess, the fraulein and the lady require their beauty rest and prefer to settle in early.

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