Friday, May 16, 2008

chickenmama and chickenkitty welcome new family foul

it's official. mr. t supercat and me, hippychickchica are now officially friends of our own female foul. the ladies arrived in fantastic condition. they were calm as could be at the post office. three little ladies sitting quietly next to the post master's office - oohhhhh special treatment.

i signed. welcomed them home and gave them a bit of chat before picking up the box. they were so calm, just cooing a bit and a little bluck blug blooging. then i picked them up and still calm as could be. i brought them in their travel box into the coop, opened it up and lifted each one out.

  • lady white leghorn was first (not her real name yet)
    • no problems with my lifting her
    • "better to check the new pad out with" is what she seemed to be thinking
    • lady white is the friendly with just about anyone one

  • lady red head red star was next (not her real name yet either)
    • she gave a little flitter when lifted but maybe just stretching the wings out a bit
    • she was ready to check the place out
      • started peeking around right away
      • lady red is the curious one

  • lady flecker black and white (not her real name yet either)
    • lady flecker black was definitely not interested in being lifted
    • she's the cautious one
    • a little bit shy
    • also likes a bit of space on either side of her when the three are feeding
      • lady flecker might be the tender sweetie pie
all the babies seem to be doing fine in their spanking new coop. they are eating and drinking and pecking and scratching their feet and flitting the hay about. seems pretty normal to me. as you can see in the above shot, they are not particular about keeping the feed in the feeder. so much for the possibility of girly girl chickens. just as well actually, i'm not much of one myself. only on occasion
pick your moments... i often say.

i got up early so that i could complete the final bits and i finished just as i was notified of their arrival. sometimes the gods are good and work with you. they knew i was working my butt off for the ladies.

actually better they arrived today rather than yesterday. today's arrival makes it easy to let them be and allow for a bit of quiet time to adjust on this most beautiful breezy afternoon.
welcome welcome welcome ladies, welcome to the hippychick universe . so happy that you are here. and now mr. t can put his mastered chickenspeak to good use. aha!

and thank you to mcmurray hatchery for their healthy happy selves.

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