Wednesday, May 7, 2008

body under attack

looks like i might be down for the count for the remainder of the day. seems my body has detected the end of the semester and the beginning of a resting period. my head is full, my ears are achy and my chest if filling up and breathing is coming a bit heavier than usual.

it's ok i guess. i should at least be thankful that it waited this long before breaking down some and who knows maybe this will be a one day forced rest period. one can hope right?

just the same i did get quite a bit done before i just could not chug forward another moment.

i dug a good harvest of new potatoes. several of the potato plants looked as if they might be prone to a blight so i pulled those completely thinking it's better to grow safe rather than sorry. on a positive note, the earthworm population is booming booming booming. i saw big worms, little worms and super baby juvenile worms. happy happy joy joy worms are good worms are good.

i picked 4 large fennel heads and stored those away. i relocated 4 clusters of younger leeks and two potato plants to a better more compost fortified sunnier sided spot. i moved several herby plantaroos too. they were in need for more space to spread out their fast growing selves, mission accomplished.
  • one sage plant
  • two terragon plantaroos
  • one thyme plant
the string beans are growing mad so much so that i pulled a full quart bag of beans off of just a few smaller plants this morning. i gave them a good wash and placed them in the fridge. i'm thinking about pickled beans. i'm going to wait for the next cluster of beans to come in before doing so. should only take a day or so, the plants are just loaded and that's just the first of three plantings now in the ground.

bush bean planting #2 and runner bean planting #1 have pushed through the earth and are now nearing 4" in height. looks like it might be a real good year for beans. you won't find me complaining about that.

to my amazement, the mesclun salad mix has sprouted and is growing at racing speed. i could not believe my eyes. now to hope it will not go directly into bolt. it would be nice to enjoy home grown lettuce greens a bit longer. i may consider shade cloth or a doubling of the tuffbell rowcover of which i've got lots of.

our temps are heading towards 90 degrees tomorrow. eiiik eikk eiik but that's how it goes here in texas so i dug out a good bit of compost from two of the piles. i took the best stuff from the bottom and left the rest to keep doing the magic that compost does. i spread a good 3" layer of compost over three of the garden beds. protection protection that's the name of the game. several of the garden beds already have a good layering of grass clippings but i wanted to make sure that those who had not yet been gifted with anything special got their due. as for the heat, the okra and the peppers will love it.

i spotted a toady toad in the garden today. he and i kept crossing paths. i found it fun and he or she found me of very little threat. i enjoyed the company and made sure to create spaces for hiding and cooling his froggy toady self. i piled a cluster of bricks atop one another with large spaces between bricks for easy access.

i also ran into a few tiny tiny brownish colored snakes. the same snakes i often find in the compost pile. they seem to be quite harmless. i think they must dine on the bugs and grubs and such that live in the soily bits. i don't jump so much when i see these babies. in fact i take it as a sign that the soil is in good order - light, fluffy and moist enough to keep a reptile comfortable.

the lizard lizards are out in droves. i've got brown ones, salamander looking ones, green ones, brackish rocky looking ones that are brown and black and white speckled and every once in a while i get really cool red ones. i like to watch the dances they do when looking to attract a partner. there's a great bobbing of the head and often a flaring of a skin flap under the neck. very cool stuff. boys don't do that for me...

all these folks are my patrollers. they take care of the soil and the creatures about the soil and i do my best to make their territory to their liking.

we've entered the 'won't have to go the grocery for much' days. today i enjoyed a bowl of chilled boiled beets. they were sweet and refreshing to my tired self. i also boiled up a few of the potatoes that i had scarred while digging. they were soft and fluffy and went down way too fast. so i've got myself some vitamin c the old fashioned way, by eating good for you naturally grown in the garden whole foods.

now it's time i think to lie the body down for a short while. i'm feeling not so perky. i may just do some reading. maybe i'll even drop off into a nap. a drag to waste good daylight hours but sometimes you just gotta rest.

have a good one folks.

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