Sunday, May 11, 2008

as she grows... the view from afar

unscheduled time off, who's idea was this?

still illing down here in texas. my cold has taken a turn south and i'm down down down. can't head outside as the hot and heavy air make it hard to breath. though even now i'm thinking about trying to mow the lawn. the real me knows it's not going to happen. i might have the energy to get myself to the push mower and then i'd have to come back in.

i may be low on go power but i remain optimistic. i do wish i were out and about though, this inside sick thing is just not my style. at this point i would not even be much good for a drive just to feel like i'm getting out. my head is not in a good place for that. the meds will not allow. and ha ha ha i'm thinking about putting a mower in my hands. yeah right! see the brain is not even computing as it should. what a dope.

the constant allergens down here might finally be getting to me. central texas is known for it's allergens and most folks down here suffer from the effects for part of the year. who knows. i'm just hoping for recovery sooner than later.

i've got a mixed treatment plan.
  • an hourly apple cider vinegar gargle and an extra bit that i drink and finishing off with a clear water rinse to save the teeth.
  • some over the counter meds recommended by the pharmacist that i take every six hours.
    • i'm not a fan of over the counter meds but i've been in pretty bad shape and needed something to help open up my lungs a bit.
  • last bit includes staying inside, not moving too much, drinking tea and water and sleeping when the exhaustion hits.
i hope i hope i hope i'm on the up an up. sometimes i feel that i am and then there moments when i think otherwise.

tic toc tic toc tic toc got things to do. it's ok i guess but i prefer health. makes you ponder. hope this pondering sticks with me once i'm back in the swing. the message is pretty loud. question is, will i listen? even now i'm feeling exhausted - note taken, time to take a sit for a while.

happy mother's day to all!

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