Thursday, May 22, 2008

anatomy of an egg sandwich

eggs gratis the lovely saffron

cook them up in a bit of butter
notice egg number one sans yoke
little eggs, fresh eggs, organic home raised eggs

fresh maters from the garden
fresh greens from the market
too hot here for growing lettuce greens now - we've hit bolting weather

place the eggs on home made bread, with the home grown maters, a bit of feta cheese, the greens from the market and a dash of salt and pepper and a small bitty bit of mayo

nothing tastes quite like a home made, home grown, home raised dinner.
i like egg sandwiches. mmm

easy peaches gifted from the neighbor and plain organic yogurt.
cool and fresh and yummy

1 comment:

mkt said...

mmmm miam miam!! this is what I also make, when my mum prepare nothing :p

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