Saturday, April 26, 2008

mockingbird mavens busy at work

say it with me now, ahhhhhhhhhh.  boy it's good to be home and a gusty thunderstorm late last night to boot.   home and rain, goodly goodly. 

the birds are out collecting and defending and communicating with a verve only spring provides.  the grass is in it's supergreen state, nearly vibrating with life.  the texas sage bushes are in full flower and the bees are buzzing around each like there's no tomorrow.  the trimmed down borages are flowering once again.  i tell you once the borage gets started they just go and go and go.   the jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes to others have sprouted and grown about 4-5" since my last visit and the daisy like plants are ready to shine.  

clipped off 4 beautiful artichoke buds this morning.  oh how lovley lunch will be.  i plan to share several with the neighbors who care for mr. supercatinteriorbugremoveratorman.  a nice gift i think for generous folk.  i'll make up a nice garden goods bag for them;  artichokes, cabbage, carrots, beets, fennel, borage, rosemary, oregano and a few rosebuds from the rosebushes.  should be nice.  

i pulled up the cabbages today.  got a good harvest some wee ones and a few (4 0r 5) good sized fellows.  we have to pull them up this time of year otherwise the heat will simply send them to bolt.  the lettuce greens are gone gone gone, too hot but the chards are kicking some serious garden bootie.  the beets and carrots are ready for harvest and the mater maters are showing signs of setting.  some of the mater maters even have wee ones growing, nothing like baby maters to cheer up a garden folkster like my hippychick self.  

the eggplant plants have doubled in size. and the fennels are so full of fron that they create their own little fairie forests.  the butterfly larve from the black swallowtail butterfly are busy chomping on the frons of both the fennel and the dill,  it's their favorite and i don't mind a bit.  i have learned to plant extra to share.  

i've got a few challenges to deal with.  a few of the potato plants look munched, something small is eating itty bitty holes in the leaves.  i checked the underside to find nothing so it must be a night eater,  ah those darn night eaters.  either way, i'll let you know what type of deterent i concoct this afternoon to take care of the tater taters.  probably some type of garlic based soapy something.  in truth, i'm hoping for more rain which delays treatment by a day but the day would be well worth the rain.  

the yacon arrived while i was out but seemed to survive in fine shape none the less so out it went into the former cabbage patch this morning.  i'll be adding a fresh bit of compost and grass clippings to the plot along with a number of fresh banana peels, spent tea bags and spent coffee grounds; all very exciting for the soil beings. 

i've got two loafs of whole wheat, flax and oatmeal bread on the rise.  they should be able to head into the stove by 11am.  i've got to get myself out and spray in the beneficial nematodes i have sitting in the fridge in the wait for rain.  they need the ground to be a bit wet in order to penetrate properly.  those little fellows will be of great assistance with fleas, mosquitoes and other badly garden folk.  for me, it's about fleas.  we got them bad last year and i'll do everything i can to avoid a repeat.  we've been clean for a good number of months now but i take nothing for granted.  

then it's off to the crazy coop caper.  time is ticking and the ladies will soon arrive.  the excitement builds.  oh what a day that will be...

i'll mow and clean up and break down fallen bits of branch today too.  i'm staying home.  better too considering the price of gas - wohoo! 

i asked my dad was "how is it that the oil companies claim record profits but the price of gas still climbs" (you see my dad knows these things, he's super savvy) and his reply was the following - "gas is a global equity, so if the dollar is low the price of gas will climb regardless of oil profits."  he also mentioned that the oil companies though claiming high profits are investing billions into the search for new oil reserves and that's a hit or miss.  so if you were one of those who wondered the same, there it is.

i'd have to say, now is a great time to BUY AMERICAN.  let's do our best to raise the value of the dollar.

photos coming ...

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