Saturday, April 26, 2008

days end

tired tired tired. and to sleep in one's own bed, happiness. regardless of my feelings of exhaustion, i got quite a bit accomplished today. the fresh air was welcome and i found the day too beautiful to spend indoors.

  • watermelon seed
  • yellow wax beans
    • 2nd round
  • aztec runner beans
  • basil seed
  • yacon root
  • sweet potatoes
    • put it in the ground whole
    • let's see how that goes
  • cabbages
  • beets yellow and red
  • chard red and white
  • carrots purple top
  • yellow wax beans
  • borage
  • rosemary
  • oregano
  • rose hips
    • from the rugosas
clean up
  • pulled grass and wild weeds from brick walk ways and flower gardens
  • mowed lawn
  • weed wacked around all perimeters
  • swept up leaves
  • trimmed all spent spring herbs
  • cleaned up garden
  • composted leaves and trimmings
  • layered in the potatoes with additional soil
    • won't spray anything until this evening's/tomorrow's thunderstorms pass
    • i may head out in the rain to spray in the nematodes tomorrow
  • gathered all twigs and branches
    • broke them into small bits
    • created a hefty pile in the fire ring
  • swept out the back porch, the drive and the front lot
garden prep
  • dressed former cabbage patches with grass clippings, spent coffee grounds, compost and top soil
  • mulched former lettuce patch with same including chopped up chard leaves
    • just too many to eat
  • added top soil to several flower patch plots
  • replanted several rosemary plants to a drier location
  • watered everything in
  • swept up garden path
  • 2 loafs of whole wheat, flax, oatmeal bread
  • boiled up some beets from the garden
  • steamed baby cabbage heads and served w/ sweet chili sauce
    • cabbages got the gut gurgling a bit, ha ha
  • brewed up a pot of coffee for icing and peppermint tea for chilling
home bits
  • washed up the travel clothes
  • swept the rooms, clearing out of dust
  • caught up with some of the mail - snail that is
  • shared some pickings with neighbors as a thank you
more rain is coming. guess the storm could be a doozie. i hope to do some work on the coop tomorrow. i just did not have it in me today to do so. boy oh boy is my body tired. i'm looking forward whatever downtime comes my way.

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