Sunday, March 16, 2008

pretty pretty green growing things

good day to you! keeping it simple today. pretty pretty green growing things and on the rise in two parts.

breezy tansy and dill bask in the morning's sun.

sunny sunflowers in their early spritely days all in a row beneath the squirrel feeder of course.
a sweet benefit from feeding all the creatures
once upon a time these were little cabbage babies that grew from little cabbage seeds. now look, growing up so fast and blossoming beautifully. rows and rows of cabbages in the afternoon sun.

happy potatoes happily neighboring with the tiny compost pile. fluffy green leaves with thick hearty stocks, that's what we like to see. these are the yukon golds. i have no idea how big they will get before they flower but these babies are growing powerhouse. anything could happen. we'll just have to wait and see.
and a nicola potatoe, also looking good.
not a bad bug in site.
though, lots of ladybugs out and about. go ladybugs go!

cabbages, potatoes, gotta then have carrots!
here is a bed of carrots and sorrel.
salad or soup all in one plot.
collards going to seed. wonder how she'll look once she blooms?
i'm allowing quite a number of winter crops to go to flower this year. i'm going to do my best at collecting their seed.

ahh lovely borage.
you can eat the flowers and the leaves.
incredibly healthy for you
and this baby reseeds itself each year - you only need to plant it once.
borage flowers opened up.
enjoy them in a glass of cold water or in a chilly vodka tonic
both work!
the leaves and flowers taste like cucumber.
the good bug blend just keeps trucking and gets prettier and prettier by the day. smells good too. sorry no smell-o-vision to share this bit with you yet.
lizard lizard vision in the artichoke bed.
they love to hang out in here.
wouldn't you?

and now on the rise - part one

to the left,
baby popping corns of the multi-color sort
each of them eager for sprouting at a pace of their own choice.

to the right,
baby echinacea - slow and steady growing
this little ones are teaching me a bit of patience.

on the rise - part two.

rosemary, romano, flax seed, whole wheat bread
oh that sounds so darn good simply in print. the rosemary is fresh out of the garden this morning. other ingredients in the bread include water, yeast, olive oil, a touch of salt and a good palm full of cracked pepper.

that's all for today folks. i've got big work to get through before tomorrow.

hippychick happy thing is the success at squeezing every play outside second that i could in my week off. may i have another week sir, please? please? soon enough the weekend will come.

and i still have not replaced my watch. that's saying something. i like life without the watch. cheery cheers to you all!

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