Tuesday, March 11, 2008

poopy mcpoopy ouchy ankle

don't know how
don't know when

but sometime in the last week or so i racked my ankle something fierce. i've spent the last week in denial thinking maybe it's just the changing weather, maybe it's just old sport related aches paying a visit to remind me that i am mortal or maybe who knows what but a maybe that meant all would soon be well and the pain would subside due pronto.


my ankle is in pretty bad shape. aspercreme is not cutting it, ben gay is not cutting it and the fact that i refuse to get off my feet is not cutting it. but it's my week home! i can't be wracked up, nooooooooooo!

i'm ok for a while in the morning but then craccckkk! and pain. and then limp limp limp, swear word, swear word swear word, sit look at ankle ( a lot of help that does), back up - denial up to full and continue on.

yeah not so smart. welll folks i've never been one who enjoys resting an injury. the way i look at it, i've got to strengthen the muscle, not allow it to atrophy. boy oh boy do i have enough atrophied muscles as it is. so i do my "spell the alphabet ankle exercise a few times a day" which allows flexibility to stay supple.

got any advice?
the ankle hurts most on lateral moves. forward and back is fine. i can put weight on it as long as i don't lean side to side. not quite knowledgeable enough to sort this one out.
i think i stretched a tendon and that's just going to take time.

for now it's a poopy mcpoopy ouchy ankle
i will not be stopped!

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