Sunday, March 2, 2008

eat your greens baby! tre' yumme'

traveled out to my various lettuce and greens patches today. it was time for another harvest. they are growing so fast it's getting a bit hard to keep up. got six bags full today. yummy yummy

each patch carries it's own beauty and the good bugs are all around each and every garden which cheers me to no end. below is a list of the various greens i cut and mix together for a super hearty nutritious salad. you'll see that i include a good number of herbs and borage flowers in with the greenage. oh it makes it all taste so good. never a bite like the one you just had. makes it fun to eat your greens.

the goods-
  • oak leaf lettuce
  • dear tongue lettuce
  • red leaf lettuce
  • red royal leaf lettuce
  • mesclun salad mix
  • red mustard
  • green chard - silverbeet
  • red chard - silverbeet
  • laccacinto kale
  • borage leaves
  • mint
  • borage flowers
  • cilantro
  • curley leaf parsley
  • flat leaf parsley
  • dill
  • lavender
  • fennel
the process is fun. i go out, carefully trim the greens, pack them lightly in my various veggy collection baskets and bring them inside. they then go into the deep sink and are submerged and washed in cool water. then the little babies go for a spin in the salad spinner. once they're all dizzy like they take a trip to a soft towel and dry out a bit. i keep the ceiling fan going in the kitchen during this process to help with the final drying before they go into happy clear plastic bags. i woosh just a bit of air out of the bag before i tie it off for storage. (don't want to mush the greens too much)

then the happy greens take a trip to the cool storage fridge. they chat happily in one of the crisper drawers and await to be enjoyed for dinner.

growing greens is easy. give it a try. keep in mind that most greens need light to germinate so don't bury the seeds deeply. just give them a little tamp into the soil and/or sprinkle just a little bit of soil on top. it won't be too long before you too are wondering, how the heck will i eat all this? never have to worry about a healthy meal with fresh greens about.

i picked a bushel basket of collard greens today too. i'll be donating them and some fresh greens to the food pantry tomorrow morning. i've got plenty enough to go around.

cracked a few pecan nuts this morning too. just sat down with my morning coffee and broke them up until i had a quart size jar filled. the shells get tossed directly into the garden or into the compost pile. their organic addition to the soil works well in either way.

all the pecans are from the three trees in the yard. it's sure nice to have so much of a sweet nut free for the taking.

you can see there are a whole lot more waiting to be shelled. and guess what? i've got even more than that in storage. crazy!

i enjoy the pecans in all sorts of ways. lately i have been throwing a few into my salads. i'm thinking about using them to crust some fish or chicken this coming week. could be yummy!

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