Wednesday, February 20, 2008

soon to be superhappy chickenmama!

after years of planning i've decided i'm going to go for it and become a chickenmama!
mr. t and i will start small, just three our four henny hen hens for now.
this is exciting!

and look look look at the home i've picked out for them.
first i've got to build their home. i think it's important that i do.
it will mean more to me to know that i've done as much and maybe they'll be happier for it too. i'm thinking on a few modest adjustments to the design to help deter digging predators.

i've decided to start with the playhouse chicken coop designed by dennis. you may contact dennis at he replied to my emails within the day. he's a friendly helpful fellow who raises chickens himself. simply email dennis and he will send you a link to where you too can buy plans for the coop.

now to find some time to get this started.
he he he, big smile.
chickenmama - chickenmama - chickenmama

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