Monday, February 18, 2008

gloves go bye bye brr it's cold

the seemingly inevitable has occurred. i've misplaced my faithful winter gloves in saint paul. now i'm not quite sure how they could be lost. they may still have a chance of being found. i did worsh (as dad says) my laundry today and may have folded them quickly into a ball thinking they were socks. but hmmph, my hands are chilly without them. i do hope i'll find them with my socks, i like my faithful winter gloves.

they are little stretchy black gloves. nothing too fancy, not made of leather or any other fine like fabric. simple knitted gloves that fit like well... a glove. you see i have pretty small hands and i'm not a big fan of gloves that fit with the fingers too long. in fact it was just a few days ago that i took the time to sew up a hole i had in my gloves. never did it even cross my mind to dump them and acquire a new pair. nope, i was going to fix them and i did. how fine they looked once repaired and how good i felt at the doing so.

i first met my gloves in search of a simple winter running keep the hands warm in chicago winters tool. i tried them on and the rest was history. we've been together more than four years now. oh i do hope you are socializing and rousing it up with the socks.

oh my little lost black gloves. i do hope i find you soon. maybe you too just needed a day away from the cold. who could blame you.

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