Saturday, February 23, 2008

beautiful day in smalltown usa

an amazing day, a thing of perfection; long sleeve t-shirt in the morning allowing the tough tasks to get done without sweating it up too much and as the day warmed up, a fantastic breeze began, just lovely. i am back in texas and so happy for it.

got home yesterday with the lids of my eyes heavy and tired. i took care of two errands and then made my way home from the airport, unpacked, threw a few things in the laundry, glanced at the mail then hit the sack. i was tired. there was a bit of a chill in the air last night, perfect for sleeping. i woke around 6am feeling better and ready to go out and catch up in the yard. there was much to do.
the garden, oh the garden, she's doing so very well. it's amazing how much change one notices after a few short weeks, truly amazing. the beets are looking spritely, the onions are beginning to shape up, potatoes are popping through their planting ground and the radish, turnips and ready for picking. the lettuce is doing quite well, some looking like it's ready to bolt. the cilantro is going strong and the herbs are looking real sgood! all is well.

the peach trees are showing small pink buds, one apple tree is flowering, the other leafing up, the fig tree is leafing up as well. the blueberry bushes are looking like they may flower soon and the pomegranate bush is covered with beautiful pink and yellow thin leaves. all the roses are looking good, my climbers look as if they may flower any day now as well as the butterfly bush.
the new gooseberry bushes are leafing up in their temporary container home and so are the dewberry bushes. the apricot tree is budding but no leaves yet and the two new olive trees are evergreen and lovely.
  • the grass is now cut.
  • all trees and gardens weeded and watered.
  • the driveways swept.
  • the mulch turned.
  • the front entry picket fence garden has a fresh 5" layer of compost.
    • it's a tough spot for plants, harsh sun and dry
    • figure the extra compost will do it good
  • the beneficial bug mix is kickin' butt!
    • have seen lots of ladybugs and lacewings around
    • the radish in the mix have gone to flower and the ladybugs love it!
a bit about today. aside from the above cutting of grass and such, i joined a whole lot of folk from my community at an annual benefit for the emergency food bank here in town. it was a soup fest. restaurants from all round each brought a batch of soup and several individuals did the same. a good number of folks came along with several local bands who got together and played for the eaters (peeps like me). it was great!

the soups were fantastic, the bread tre' yumme' and with each ticket purchased one could chose and take home a hand made bowl. the bowls were made by students in art class. great idea! i love my bowl. it's simple white with a rooster painted in the center. the shape is shallow and asymmetrical. i'll take a picture of it tomorrow to share. john r. made my bowl. lovely work john r. it's my honor to share your art in my home.

they held the gathering at the local high school in the newly built section of the school. wow! the folks who built the place did a real nice job; excellent use of natural light and the color palate and material choices are good. it's a calming place which is nice. there is nothing institutional about it. there are some tax dollars well spent. nice job builder folk, thank you.

then a bit of grocery shopping, i needed to replenish cleaning supplies, biodegradable laundry dish washing and kitchen soaps. every one of them is safe for the environment, don't feel right buying any other way. i picked up a six of saint arnold's lawnmower ale - love that stuff. if you see it in your area, i suggest you pick some up and give it a try. it's not a heavy beer, just light and simple but goes down real nice. also picked up some cottage cheese. i'm on a cottage cheese kick - don't know what that's about.

here i am now sitting on the bed typing and the lids are beginning to feel heavy again. it's so nice to be here with mr. t. he's sacked out next to me purring up a storm. love my sweetie boy.

thought a lot about traveling less today...

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