Saturday, January 5, 2008

what do you consume in one year?

ever wonder how much food, how many different household goods, how many extra dittys you purchase in a year? i do. i wonder on this quite a bit actually. i am curious... how much exactly do i consume, waste, use, give away and save in a year?

here's what i'm going to do and you can watch. i am going to take a shot at tracking all purchased food goods & household stock materials for 2oo8.

i will make effort to track goods obtained from the vegetable garden, the fruit and berry trees and materials that i already have on hand. ( for example: toilet paper, flour, dried pasta, etc.) i'll note materials given away. i'll note materials gifted to me from others (veggies or fruits from neighboring gardens) or goods traded in kind. in short we'll see what one woman and one cat in a texas small town consume and use in a year.

sound crazy? i don't think so. i believe it will prove most enlightening and might be the next best step in the continuation of my adventure toward sustainable happiness.

reality is that i have no earthy idea how much i consume in a year much less a month or even a week. it's not something i've ever thought of keeping track of. why? because food and household goods are so easy to come by these days. it's not a matter of survival so much these days. yeah most of us still need some type of income to put food on the table and to provide for a roof over our heads but the abundance of goods keeps me, at least, from truly thinking about exactly how much i consume.

i look at it this way, if i really want to make an honest effort to lessen my impact on the planet then i should first clearly observe my current habits. only then will i be able to truly understand how i might make the most effective changes toward good.

and i'll need to know in case i ever do decide to live in the woods or way far out somewhere far far far out of the way. i'd have some chickens then for sure. but for now, smalltowntexas.

ok a little background on who we will be tracking
  • one shewoman
  • one boycat
  • live in a house
  • one car
  • keep a fairly large garden
  • put up tomatoes, pickles and jams each year
  • bake our own bread
  • lives in smalltown
  • works in austintown
  • travels fairly frequently for work
  • tries like heck to keep it simple at home
  • runs for exercise
  • reads lots and lots and lots of books
  • works many hours
  • will never ever ever give up coffee or tea
  • does not yet make her own clothes (knitting aside)
  • owns a sewing machine
  • knits not often enough due to time
  • works too much
ok ok
take a look in the sidebar for tracking 2oo8. there you may follow how goes the tracking.
nothing better than acting on a wonder.

here's a look at what's already in storage: what are we looking at here?
photo #1 pantry
top shelf: candy left over from halloween, fancy snacking crackers, taco chips

middle shelf: homemade bread crumbs and croutons, biscuit, pancake and brownie mix

bottom shelf: canned sardines, corn, beets, bisque soup base, water chestnuts and tuna packets.

photo #2 pantry
top shelf: peach jam, blueberry jam, tomato sauce, pickles of various sorts, olive oil and pasta

middle shelf: dried goods, beans, nuts, rice, flour, brown sugar and peppers

photo #3 refrigerator
top shelf: pickles of various sorts, bread, yogurt, homemade salad dressing, one bottle of wine

middle shelf: beer, turkey (in foil), fruit

bottom shelf: milk, iced coffee, iced tea, soup

door: jams, home made pesto, peanut butter, dressing

drawers: home grown goods - greens, bok choi, radish, peppers

i can't get enough of these greens lately. salad anyone?

the peppers are those harvested earlier this year. the bag with the tag is not store purchased. it's a bag i re-used.

i've got buckets full of pecans - doing pretty good.

follow the tracking at my ever wonder what you consume in a year page.

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