Thursday, January 10, 2008

stretching for balance

i knew last night that i was in great need of some outside fresh air time. days had gone by working morning to night on the computer, banging out projects, planning for classes, prepping reports and reviewing materials back to back to back. and the work is still there, still compressed and still driven by deadline.

but i found a way to get out a bit. and maybe it's not the way most would choose but it worked for me and i feel so much better for it. i got up at 4am.

yes, i got up at 4am in order to get ahead on some work so that i could spend some well deserved but just does not fit in the schedule out of doors time. i don't regret it one bit.

now i'm not sure that getting up at 4am to gain a few extra hours could be considered strong time management since sleep is also important toward working at one's optimum but the situation was that i either found more hours or made a choice to miss deadlines.

i guess i could have chosen to miss a deadline but it's just not my way.

the good news, i got outside, hoorayyyyy! and boy i got a lot accomplished. i wanted out but i also knew it had to be productive outside time. here's the list of tasks mastered.

  • turned 3 big compost piles
    • pulled out completely
    • turned and mashed around a bit
    • re-piled and watered with alfalfa pellets as green
  • raked a whole lot of leaves
    • they sit now in tidy piles
    • get to those... don't know when
  • planted some pansy flowers
    • cheery cheery
    • pulled these from a container they've been growing in
    • new place, new cheer
  • up'd the ante' w/the vermicompost tea
    • brewing 50 gallons w/seaweed
    • added fish emulsion
    • added alfalfa pellets
    • should be ready in 3 days
    • plants are going to love it!
  • planted potatoes, 3 kinds
    • yukon gold
    • colorado rose
    • nicola
      • found space for these out of nowhere
      • a determined gardener always finds space
in this case i found space at the end of the garden and in between the beds. that's what the above photos are about. the window covered bed is the colorado rose babies, the yukon golds are in the super skinny (skyscraper) bed and the nicolas are in the wider hay covered bed. whatever works is what i say. i've got more potatoes yet to go in but they've not chitted yet. once they do, they'll go in.

yup yup some of my fellow texans may think i'm dropping the potatoes in too soon. it is early but i've got them sandwiched in between a cozy bed of hay top and bottom. it allows for good air flow, good drainage and warmth; everything they need. i'm not worried, even if we get some freezing temps.

now, of course i'm back inside, feeling very refreshed. took a shower, enjoyed a bit of iced tea, mixed up some bread dough, put on my comfy clothes and my cozy sweater and now have to think about something to eat

i've not eaten a thing today! i forgot. i was so happy out and about that it never occurred to me to eat and now, i don't even know what i want. maybe some pasta. i've got loads and loads of pesto and some fantastic home grown tomato sauce. who knows.

soon, very soon. i'll be back to work. but oh i cannot tell you how much better i feel.

question is: shall i do the same tomorrow?

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