Tuesday, January 15, 2008

someone to watch over me

a bit of a drizzly night this evening but nice for the long ride home. i don't know about you but rain calms me. the repetition of the pattering sound, the element of water and the visual of drops, sometimes misty, sometimes heavy streams; it's all very nice and helps me to release pent up stress or to let go of work concerns and simply focus on the falling of the rain.

tonight it's light, not loud enough to hear upon the metal roof but nice enough to give the garden a good drink.

took a short stroll in the garden this morning and was taken by something beautiful that i saw or rather found beauty in that which i saw. eye of the beholder they say. just the same...

before me the artichoke fronds lovingly sheltering baby lettuces. i might have even said awwwwe. my artichoke nannies. i found the image quite lovely myself. we all need someone to watch over us don't we? maybe not always but it's nice to know of someone willing when the need is high.

you have to admit...
pretty darn sweet.

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