Wednesday, January 9, 2008

professorial planning - if the students only knew

teacher day today and aughhh i can feel it in my back. i've been sitting at the computer all day re-planning and re-structuring a new course for the spring semester. starts next week, better be ready huh?

yup, i can now say, "I AM READY."
but oh getting there can be truly tense at times. why?
because i care.

if the students only knew what it takes to prep for a course, much less a new course, they might... ah they probably would not bother doing anything about it until they themselves one day find their own bodies sitting in front of a computer, questioning weather they know anything worth teaching the universe and if even a little bit seems worth teaching, how the heck they plan on doing so. it ain't easy babies.

but once it comes together, i tell you it's a piece of art. you ooh and ahh over your creation like a new born. you are in wonder over your ability to cover so much material, in such depth and still keep a few classes open for review, feedback and a little kickin' back in 15 short weeks.

once finished, your back aches a bit if you're anything like me. like me meaning that once i get myself going on a project it's intense. i don't hear things. i'm focused completely on the matter at hand and often times the stress gets caught up in the body due to the fact that i might have been sitting here steady for five straight hours without moving too much.

that's my case now and all i can think about is a nice walk outside. i will take that walk outside as a gift to myself. it will help me to calm down, enjoy a bit of the sunlight before she sets and work out a bit of the intensity still riding inside.

it's done though, it's done. and this syllabus is a thing of beauty. that may sound strange to some but i bet those who teach understand completely.

hey all you teaching folk. give yourself a pat on the back, this is tough stuff. good job!


blueblue said...

Erk...I guess that will be me in a week or so. I'm enjoying the last few days of summer vacation...and not living to a timetable (if that's truly possible-).

Mapping out what you consume and use in a year sounds very ambitious. I'm able to now plan according to three month timeframes, but it's a thing in process.

Anonymous said...


do enjoy the last few weeks of time off. i'm in deep denial. drag.

how did you come about understanding your needs on a three month basis?


blueblue said...

I have always planned fortnightly...I then moved to OAMC (a type of once a month cook,freeze and prep of base meals and homebaking as I was resorting to take away and instant foods too much) and I now do that kind of prep every 3 months. It works out well because 3 months is a term (or quarter) and that's when I get time off. I realised that planning ahead was really good for budgetting. I guess I've just slowly doubled what I am doing over time so that it hasn't been too much of a stretch.
Trying to become more committed about tracking everything I spend.