Sunday, December 30, 2007

three's a charm

a sunday triplet today
three posts each their own

while nursing the bread, which now is baked and cooling, i worked between the front and the outback gardens. today an unusual 65 degrees, no wind, clear sky, beautiful sunday last of december 2007. i watered and weeded, picked greens which i enjoyed for lunch and will enjoy again this evening, and planted.

yes, i planted. beets and kale and chard and carrots and radishes of two kinds. maybe they'll venture upward through the soil, maybe they'll be strong enough to withstand cooler less temperate night's air, maybe just maybe they'll bless me with their company and allow a celebration of their bravery.

ah the little wonders they are of the world.

to help all the little wonders in the garden, i spread a bit of soft-rock phosphates about and watered them in. slowly these 20 million year old fossilized remains of prehistoric marine and terrestrial creatures will release calcium, phosphate and trace minerals to help the little sprouts along. garden with a history.

fossils in the soil. wonder if a t. rex now guards the cabbages, a gigantic squid minds the lettuces, an eel or a sea creature of immeasurable size sits well with the onions or maybe a crab or lobster takes terrestrial rest beneath the rosemary.

dinosaurs and sea creatures in the garden oh my!

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