Sunday, December 2, 2007

reflecting the weekend

if you had asked me what i'd be doing this weekend i doubt i would have told you right. i had no idea that the compost would take near to whole day saturday and even more i would have had no idea that i'd be in the middle of flea battle all day sunday. just the same i have to say that i feel this weekend turned out quite well.

the house is spic and span inside. the compost should be heating up and i did end up with a fair amount of finished compost after all efforts. the collection of leaves has not happened yet but hey i think i'm counting a good eight bags directly across the street right now. the neighbors purchased one of those fancy leaf blowers and really went to town. hey my benefit, all i've got to do is drag them across the road; piece of cake.

i got my exercise - digging and throwing compost is no small task and cleaning the house today was a pretty involved affair as well. still i'll jump on the treadmill later for a end of weekend run. believe it or not folks, i look at a run as a form of relaxation. it will help me sleep well tonight. i'll need it as the coming week is a doozy. i think i say that every week, just the same, it is - a doozy that is.

and i got some good cooking in too. the turkey pot pie turned out superfab! had that for dinner last night. and today i've got a batch of hippychick chili on the stove. it's just about done and i'm just about ready for dinner. there's my home made cornbread in the fridge, a fresh pot of coffee on the counter and a cool beer or two or three in the fridge ready for the taking as well.

if the efforts to keep the fleas at bay and to get the compost piles rev'ed up again pan out then i'd have to say - no time lost. hey, this is life, sometimes things come up that need dealing with, that's fine with me. it kept me busy, can't say i ever felt board. maybe next saturday will allow for a little slow down. sunday's already booked - can't do much there.

now it's just a matter of finishing up the laundry, cleaning myself up a bit and maybe sit by the fire. actually that sounds quite nice. well i hope you enjoyed your weekend. never know what's next do we? that's kind of nice too.

til' the next time...

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