Saturday, December 29, 2007

pumpkinsunflower wholegrain brain bread

finished off the last of the grainy bread i've been enjoying for the past few weeks at this morning's breakfast - poached eggs on toast - excellent morning chow.

after eating...
i started poking around to see where the next loaf of bread would come from. i took a peek in the freezer to see if any of the last baked batch was there. nope! all gone.

actually, it's been all gone since thanksgiving time (oh yeaaah? - brain clink clink) and since then, i've been purchasing bread from either the local farmers market or the central market in austintown. in fact, it's been quite a long while since i've baked bread of any kind. last round was a hearty whole wheat honey mix up that granted me 4 nice sized loafs and a small bag of dinner sized rolls.

i could i thought take a trip in to austintown for bread today but then again, why bother? the pooh like thoughts began... i should save gas, i've been out of town for the last week - it would be nice to spend a simple day at home with mr. purringcutiepiedogcat wouldn't it, do i really need to go all the way into town for a simple loaf of bread do i? nope! i could not think of any reason to go when love comfort and all the goods i need to make a good loaf are right here at home.

so within a few moments, i decided to hunker down here and make a home loaf. then the self doubt kicked it for just a few. i always worry for bread success. i have yet to bake a loaf that i've been incredibly proud of, not that the loafs are ever bad, they've been actually quite good, still i'm in search of the a lighter, bigger inside fluffy hole-ish result.

ok the mission
  • turn worry to adventure
  • continue the adventure toward the uber superior light big fluffy hole-ish loaf of bread
  • gather all the goods
  • get ready for another go
  • do it do it do it
  • and ahaa!
  • have some fun along the way
so again i started poking around and decided upon the following ingredients
  • yeast
    • 2 packets
  • organic brown sugar
  • warm water
  • sea salt
  • coarse ground pepper
  • olive oil
  • rosemary
    • dried from the home garden
    • 1 handful dried leaf bits
  • organic flour
    • 4 cups w/extra for kneading and such
    • white and whole wheat mixed 3:1
  • wheat bran
    • 1/2 cup
  • pumpkin seeds - a.k.a. pepitos
    • 1/4 cup
  • sunflower seeds
    • 1/4 cup
  • 1 egg
that's it.
wet mix: i mixed the yeast with some - 1 hand full of brown sugar, salt, pepper, rosemary and warm water in a bowl and waited for the yeast to bubble which took a bit less than five minutes.

dry mix: i added about a 1/4 cup + drips of olive oil to the 4 cups of flour, 1/4 cup of organic brown sugar, 1/2 cup of wheat bran, the remaining rosemary, 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 1 egg and mashed that up with my hands.

once the yeast was bubbly, i poured in the yeast sugar, herb mix into the dry flower seeded mix and mashed everything up once again with my hands. i made sure the whole lot was good and mushy, kneaded it up a bit and placed it into a round bowl that i had coated with olive oil.

now comes the waiting game. i have placed a towel over the dough in a bowl and set it aside. i'll check on it in few hours to see how she rises. be back later...

mid rise - looking good good good

why do i call this pumpkinsunflower wholegrain brain bread? well because whole grains and protein rich seeds are good for your brain. they help you think better! so think twice before you cut bread out of your life. why on earth would you do such a thing? eat a piece, kick up the brain juices and truly ponder before you make such a choice.

back later...

back again!
gave the dough a good kneading after the first rise. had enough for 2 full loafs. i got excited and mixed up a smaller batch of dough for rolls. the bread loafs are now going in for the second rise (top shelf) and bread roll batch (on the bottom in the bowl) is in for the first.

patience, patience.

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