Wednesday, December 12, 2007

personal realization

it's finally come to my fore brained attention that "my not doin' much today" is another person's idea of a full day of heavy hard work. my friends have been trying to get this through my thick skull for years. what can i say? i'm a late bloomer and too stubborn to believe the obvious.

i'm just not good for sittin' sittin' and sittin'. i am good for sitting for five or ten minutes, up and get a task started (a load of laundry), check on something else (which might mean roast a chicken), sittin' for five or ten, organizing all of the recyclables, taking out the trash, cleaning a closet, sittin'... ah no, gotta check the laundry, fold the laundry, change the sheets on the bed, sweep the floor, check the chicken, sit for five (maybe type a bit emails or blog bits) and then up again to continue on with any little task that catches my eye.

and then maybe later, around now, 5:30pm or 6:30pm a good healthy sit and scratch session with mr. t supercatinteriorbugremoveratorman. mr. t is the one i truly enjoy a sit with, he's really the only one i'll sit with for any period of time. it's gotta mean something, the sit, i'm just not the idle type. idle times make me funky. funky odd not funky cool. so best i think for me to keep the sittin' to the means something sits.

and i should no longer act surprised at moments when my friends ask what i did during the day and i say "not much" and they say "oh yeah sure, does that mean you baked four loaves of bread, made the butter and then gave half of it to your neighbors?" with a quip sarcasm in their tone. because they might just be right or i might have done even more than that. at times like these i think it best that i simply say yes that's what i did, laugh a bit, accept the loving humor and be happy for who i am. they seem to be happy with who i am, who knows why, but just the same i'm thankful that they are. i love my friends and i love that they put up with me. they know i'm no sitter and probably would not want me any other way. i hope that's how it is, at least for a little while longer.

hang on to your friends folks. accept your own ideosynchracies and accept your friends for theirs too.

i am no sitter
i rest standing up

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