Wednesday, December 12, 2007

leaping giants off you go

good thing i got the lawn mowed yesterday
raining today - temps now in the 40's - just my style - a great day to complete a few inside tasks - a good time for an update

leaping giants update - off you go - out out out!

i tried to stay 100 percent natural with the eradication of the little leaping flea giants. i tried table salt and 20 mule team borax, lysol, eucalyptus oil and nightlights with pools of soapy water. this took care of some of the leaping giants but only a scant few so decided i'd set up two test rooms. room one got the salt, borax and nightlight soapy water pools for four undisturbed days and room two got the same for eight undisturbed days but as soon as i walked into either room folks the little leapers were right on me, yeah the numbers were down but with even eight days of drying salt and borax there were still a good six or eight on each of my feet in a matter of seconds. eiiik. so, with heavy sigh, i began to look for more powerful means of little leaping giant flea removal. i remained determined to stay as natural as possible so i sought out materials with pyrethiums as one of the primary ingredients.

after much research, i landed with the product enforcer. it's an orderless liquid with pyrethiums and an egg development inhibitor called nylar. i researched the ingredients in enforcer, they did not look too crazy but then again, i don't know how much to trust the research documents i found since most of them were prepared by the manufacturer of the product. you know how that goes. before i decided to move forward, i checked in with some of my naturally bent doggy lovin', kitty lovin' and sheep lovin' friends to see if they had ever found a product that worked well for them and to my surprise they touted enforcer as the way to go - no question about it. that was it, i made the purchase and waited patiently for it to arrive. (via mail)

the bottle claims effectiveness for seven months although, i read in the research that it's best (in southern mild year round little leaper heaven climates) to apply the product every four months since we do not experience regular reliable kill freezes. it is noted quite clearly that one should spray all floor surfaces, rugs, carpets, curtains and/or window treatments and mattresses and box springs, pet bedding, basically everything you've got.

big note: remove any and all pets, children and adults from the house before treating. vacuum and sweep first then spray a fine mist all about making sure to spray all baseboards and under your big appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, etc. if you are able). *do not allow pets, children and/or adults back into the room until the product has dried completely. once dry they claim the product is harmless to both pets and humans. i sure hope so!

good news - this stuff works! i sprayed once so far. i will spray again in two weeks to take out the next cycle of hatchers and then hope to be ok for a good while. i'll mark the calendar to keep the spray cycle clean and hopefully keep the leaping giants out of the house long term. i cannot tell you how nice it is to again walk in a room knowing the leapers are no longer a problem.

so now two of three elements are treated: the house and mr. t supercatbugremoveratorboy. i have yet to treat the yard. that's next and i'm thinking nematodes. they are longer term helpful creatures. last thing i need to do is to block off any possible creatures get under the house pathways. i know of two possible ways and have seen many a cat take summer shade refuge under the house. but who knows who else is under there and maybe that's where the fleas came from. still have not figured that one out yet. mr. t is the indoor type, i work in the yard a lot so chances are that i'm the culprit but who knows.

and and and mr. t and i are eating a bit of brewers yeast in our daily morning breakfast of plain yogurt. he seems completely unbothered by the taste. i on the other hand am not a big fan but after reading about the nutritional values of a bit of brewers yeast added to a diet, i've decided to suck it up. why does this matter? well over time it is believed that those who regularly include a bit of brewers yeast in their diet emit a smell that the little leaping giants do not like and at this point, we're taking advantage of every "deter the little leaping giants" option available to us, especially healthy natural ones.

for now we're feeling clean, no more itching, no more mystery spots on my skin and no more mr. t supercatbugremoveratorboy freaking out.

fingers crossed that is, fingers crossed.

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