Wednesday, December 19, 2007

art or necessity? born from a similar need

today i share found images of creativity.
above glass in an industrial forming machine.

art or necessity?
are they both born of a similar need?

the bottle house by jasmine zimmerman

bottle cap garlands

a grolsh bottle holiday tree

plastic water bottle fishing bobbins
and while you're gone fishing - litterally or just in the brain,
ponder this...

just how far behind the rest of world are we when it comes to the possibilities of re-cycle, re-use, re-create, re-imagine and re-define?

want to see more really cool re-use ideas?

visit the kevin kelly street use site.
Kevin's site features the ways in which people modify and re-create technology. Herein a collection of personal modifications, folk innovations, street customization, ad hoc alterations, wear-patterns, home-made versions and indigenous ingenuity. In short -- stuff as it is actually used, and not how its creators planned on it being used. As William Gibson said, "The street finds its own uses for things." I welcome suggestions of links, and contributions from others to include in this compendium. -- KK

and now for some great sculptural work by the yardartist!

are you sure only the "big one" can create a tree?
i'm not so sure.

beautiful on it's own
but wait until you see what this is but a small part of...

pretty cool huh? yupper!
visit the yard artist.

ba ba

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