Wednesday, November 28, 2007

soft salmon pink sunrise

how lovely it is to rise to a sunrise of such beauty. this morning, the color surprised me.

i searched out the early morning window for the source not connecting the color immediately to the sun but soon discovered is was she who glowed so soft and sweet.ahh there she is, a soft salmon pink sun in a cool grey sky; a combination i have not often seen.

i stepped into the morning air cool and crisp at 37˚f, the grass deep and vibrant yellow green and the brick walkway, a damp deep red. the dew holds tight to the edges of leaves, to the grass blade and rests upon the stretch of a branch, little glistening bits shivering with the slight bit of breeze in the air.

the grass did not crunch beneath my feet but did stand with a thick turgent aire against my foot fall. the smell of the morning is fresh and the garden appears to be charged.

beautiful way to begin a day.

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