Sunday, November 11, 2007

one of us is cleaning, the other re-arranging

up to now, i thought the afternoon cleaning duties were going well in an efficient sort of direction until i returned downstairs to find mr t. ( the supercatbugremoverator) working in a different direction. mr. t today - mr. trouble had the paper bag of plastic shopping bags (ready for recycling) all out and about, scattered just everywhere and he basking in his creation, rolling about happy as could be. he took one glance at me, not scared, not proud but full of joy then leaned back and got back to work, there were still bags in the bag that had yet to be removed.

ok tell me how a person is suppose to get upset over this. it's just too darn typical considering the personality of mr t and the work he had accomplished was quite great. i've decided, now that he's got himself a task, got himself an artistic creation, got himself a tool for happiness that i'll just let him be and get back to my own tasks. the bags were ready for recycling. he, mr. t. has simply swapped re-use for re-cycle. they both work. and the moment will come when he tires of the thrill. i'll clean up and maybe then, the tasks will be complete. at least until he finds something else to get himself into.

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