Tuesday, November 13, 2007

low and a bit run down - working on a slow train

i knew last night that i was coming down with something. i had no idea that it would hit so hard so quickly. fact: i've been crazy busy for the last few months, near to no time off. fact: this past weekend was the first weekend off. suspicion: my body figured it out and decided to give me the ole' slow down as soon as it saw it's opportunity.

ever wonder this yourself? wonder if the cold or the bout of illness has been hiding out just waiting to get you as soon as you showed any slight meager sign of slowing down? this is usually how it occurs with me. i go and i go and i go and go and go and go and go. i am a bit of a machine when it comes to endurance in the workplace. i'm not saying that being that way is a good thing, it just seems to be how i am. i also really dislike being ill. why? haven't you figured that out yet.

it's really quite simple. think on the self description above...

right! i don't have time for being ill. i've got too much to do, things to learn, persons to mentor and tasks needing my attention.

but it hit me hard enough today that i thought it better to stay home. granted i love my home and spending time at home and if i were a different person, i'd probably find a way to be at home more than i do now. i just don't like being ill and feeling run down. it's a tease.

my eyes, and my head are throbbing slowly but surely and my body is quite achy all over. so i get up when i can and do little bits around the house but i've been tiring quickly so truly there's not much going on here.

i finished the book kindred by octavia e. butler. i would recommend the book for a read. it's been around for a good 25 years and it's importance and pertinence have yet to wane.

just begun the omnivore's dilemma; the natural history of four meals by michael pollan. this book tackles a topic i've been pondering for some time; the anxiety associated with the simple question of "what's for dinner".

and while sitting about, i think that i've landed on the thanksgiving menu.

simple cheddar quiche and melon

whole grain crackers and bread
assortment of artisan cheeses
assortment of chilled home made pickles
assortment of locally made summer sausage and hard cured salami
fresh vegetable crudite's
assortment of herb and veggie inspired dips
fresh pesto

formal dinner:
herb roasted organic turkey
wild rice and sausage dressing with water chestnuts and apricot
white wine infused fennel, rutabaga and shitake mushroom gravy
home made cranberry - orange sauce
creamy mashed potatoes with horseradish
slow roasted butternut squash
garden roasted carrots
buttermilk biscuits
fresh garden picked salad greens w/mustard balsamic dressing
(another vegetable here, i'm leaving this open to inspiration and local availability)

to finish:
home made pear raisin pie
home made pumpkin pie
home made (home grown) pecan pie
hot chili chocolate brownies
a fresh pot of coffee
hot brewed tea

that should do us all just fine, more than fine.
long walks in the future.

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