Friday, November 30, 2007

recycled bottle greenhouse & basil and string beans for breakfast

a sweet mild day today in texas. the air holds a bit of moisture in it's morning self though the sun is up, shining and showering soft goldish rays.

i have not been able to check on the garden for several days due to busy schedule. today brings a bevvy of goody goods. the green beans are going strong, the basil still kicking and flowering up for bees and flying creatures, the lettuce, chards and spinach babies have really taken off - ain't no babies anymore! as i thought and wandered i plucked a few green beans from the vines, plucked several sprigs of basil and popped them in my mouth for a tasty treat. who says one should not enjoy basil and string beans for breakfast? the carrots seeds have finally decided to sprout and send up their stemmy leaves through the dirt. they've joined the party and i'm so glad. the beet shoots are a beautiful ruby red, the dill sprouts are feathery light and soft to the touch. the garlic and onions are now quite tall, the leek greens already drooping over and the tomatoes just keep greening up and flowering.

now i don't know if or how much the tomatoes will produce at this point. i'm happily shocked by their staying power. so shocked that i think i might take a shot at building a small greenhouse this weekend. nothing fancy just something that would allow for transfer of the current tomatoes stock. i'm ready to try my hand at keeping tomatoes fresh all winter or to see if i could coax them into a bitty bit of winter production.

and to keep it all fun. I might start collecting materials to eventually build a super cool greenhouse based upon these photos i found while searching recycled greenhouse on the web. You can check out the origins of this clear bottled greenhouse here.

i love this idea and it keeps plastic bottles out of the landfills. if you live out my way, you just might spot me at the local recycling center this weekend. this one was built by school kiddos. check it out here.

i don't think any store bought greenhouse could top these.
this folks is my next mission. dah dah dahhhhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

i would love details on how to build this greenhouse. I persoanlly don't use enough plastic bottles but am sure I could collect enough from my friends to do this. Just need some specs

Anonymous said...

i love the greenhouse. were doing it at school as a science project. xxx sabrina