Monday, November 5, 2007

ask and you shall receive - gifts on the side of the road

decided yesterday that i was going to put all work work aside and get my booty out the door for the day. i did just that and let me tell you, it could not have been a better day and i could not have made a better choice than to get out. all work no play makes hippy chick a dull girl.

well it could have - been an even better day/evening
it would have been nice to finish the evening off with some friends -
but considering... no complaints.

i finally got the tufbell rowcover onto the garden hoops. it looks great. we'll see how it goes when the temps cool down. rowcovers are not necessarily designed to be attractive. this rowcover is. it looks like a lacewing's wing, slightly iridescent and shimmery. and with my being a lighting designer, anything that attracts, reflects, or plays with light scores points. it's good to know the garden is safe now from a possible quick frost. that happens a lot around here; warm afternoon, super chilled morning followed by another warm afternoon. but it's also nice to have the garden still looking beautiful, now under it's lacewing sheet.

i managed to get the laundry washed around mid day. it was hard to leave the yard and the out of doors to do so but thankfully there will be fresh clean clothes for the wearing today. that will be nice. the new washer will arrive wednesday. i'm keeping the dryer i have, it works just fine, it's a good size. and currently, i'm drying most of my clothes on the line outside, anyway. one thing at a time.

i mowed the lawn and trimmed around the trees. the simple task of mowing always seems to snazz up the place. the grass is really looking deep green these days. it's quite stunning acutally and the clovers from the seed i planted a month back now sends up a sweetness when cut that is heavenly.

i spent a bit of my days time driving around the neighborhood collecting 15+ bags of leaves and pine needles that folks have put out for the trash. i do this fairly frequently this time of year. no way am i going to let good leaves, pine needles and grass clippings get wasted in a land fill in some far off place. each bag holds potential for future compost, healthy winter mulch or a new pathway around a garden area. i used the bags i found for each of the above.

this little habit of mine saves a lot of money too. with all that i found i don't think i'll have to purchase a single bit of mulch to get us through the winter. (that may be pushing it) i may not have to purchase mulch but i've got a few more leaf hunting days ahead of me to insure so.

i particularly value the pine needles. they not only get the job done but they're quite pretty to look at. and the local kitty's dig the pine needles too. they seem to love afternoon naps in the needles around the garden. i can imagine they are quite soft. the squirrels love jumping through the leaves, i constantly find little snakes, frogs and lizard lizards in my collected piles awaiting their time in the compost bin. so not only are these collected bits good for the gardener but they are also good for the visiting garden creature folk too. just doing our part to keep the ecological cycle going.

do i feel awkward collecting leaves around town. no way! i'll keep looking too. i've got areas around the yard that still need the winter mulch. the best mulch is natural mulch, so i consider it a symbiotic relationship. people want to rid themselves of the leaf clutter and i want the leaf clutter for another purpose. nothing to feel bad about there. and the more we keep out of landfills the better.

while on the leaf hunt, i came upon a healthy sized pile of stones that another had put out for trash pick up. one saw trash, i saw a fire ring. i dropped off the bags of leaves i had collected, drove back and packed up the stones. once home, i got busy and built the ring. it's perfect. and it's something i'd been thinking about for a long time. there's nothing like a good sit outside by a fire in the fall. perfect. and you bet, last night i took a good sit and enjoyed a slow burner for a few hours.

i sat there with a bit of my butternut squash soup, a jar of pickled okra and a beer. it was a great way to finish off a long long week. it was then that i thought of friends and how nice it would have been had they been with me. in a way they were. and it will be even better when they truly do come around. i just love a sit by the fire. hmm.

oh my oh my, i'm still tired from last week. now this one begins
- keep on keepin' on

later folks...

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