Tuesday, October 30, 2007

honesty matters

a recent interchange with another has led to a revelation. a revelation that was, in truth, recognized earlier than this current day. the revelation pointed directly to possible disappointment. a disappointment that, if handled differently might have been avoided.

there's a streak in me, at times like these, that hopes, given the chance, a person might make a choice to be a better self. truth is, that same person, has the choice to choose a path other than good and the odds are a slim 50/50 act high/act low. so somewhere down the path of life people are going to disappoint you.

it's at that point then that you too have to choose what to do. and your choices are also from paths high and paths low. it's in these moments you find the truth of who you might be and who you will be while you pass through. will you look at the act of failure and loss with head held high? will you lead yourself toward revenge and further darker pain? will you make yourself a victim and crumble? or will you look at yourself with honest eyes, take the lesson, focus forward and leave the cloaking shadow of the disappointment lie on the path behind you?

let it lie on the path my friends. do not invest your energy in the negative. be honest, accept the life event. it is what it is, it has happened, you were part of it, and you have the power to step away from it. embrace your power. focus forward. honesty is such a tough element sometimes but it's one that matters deeply to the quality of your being. sacrifice your honesty, and risk losing sight of the path toward good completely.

i do believe in good. and i also believe that there are folks who want to do good, are trying to do good but have yet to find the courage to be the want. they may fear the change. and there are those who may find pleasure disappointing others. it's not for you to say what they are. you can only control who you are. give folks a chance but also remain clear enough in mind to have the sight and the courage to walk forward and away if the chance given is refused.

life is still good and all things pass with time.

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angelarose said...

thanks for this. I just found your blog and love it. I have always dreamed of having a farm and enjoy hard work and doing stuff too. You are very inspiring, so much so that I went outside and turned my compost heap, lol!