Monday, October 29, 2007

garden tube - row cover structure revealed

a few shots of the garden hoop structures ready for their tufbell covers. i used 20 1/2" pvc pipes full length. i anchored them with 1' length pieces of rebar. i pounded the rebar 6" into the ground then slipped the pvc pipe over the top.

what is tufbell? it's a season extender poly vinyl rowcover. it should arrive this week. with tufbell you can turn each and every one of your garden beds into mini greenhouses*. (*temps allowing) once i've got it cut and set out i'll take a few more pics. for now...

the following is from the peaceful valley farm and garden supply online catalog.
  • A floating rowcover of unprecedented strength and durability, made of high-tech, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). PVA has unique absorption properties which allow moisture to freeze within the rowcover fibers and form a protective shield, like an igloo, over the crop. PVA is also breathable (35% permeable), allowing crop ventilation during the day. Water right through it, without need for removal. Tufbell increases air and soil temperature by 5-10°F and leaf temperature by 2-6°, yet does not overheat in 90° weather. It allows 92-95% light transmittance. It can be "floated" on the crop, or laid on hoops or frames. The double-thick material is reinforced with nylon threads every 1" to prevent tears. It is additionally reinforced every meter (39") in all directions. Pieces can be sewn together with nylon thread to make a larger piece. Washable, easily repaired, anti-static, as well as chemical and light stable, Tufbell lasts for many years and is the most durable rowcover on the market; material will shrink about 5% over time.
sound like a dream? we'll find out soon. sounds good and i've read about folks who have used tufbell for over 5 years now and have yet come upon the need to replace their supply. that's good press in my universe.
and here are a few of the cabbage and the collard babies. they seem to be settling in well. can you tell who is who or which is which?

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