Thursday, September 27, 2007

powdered milk looters mysteriously vanish

veggie plants, flowering plants and garden folk alike have been watching and waiting for any sign of the sneaky garden bed powdered milk looters no avail. they have vanished. it's seems to be a hit and run assault system. this type of behaviour leads all to suspect the very illusive raccoon gang that hangs out in the neighborhood off and on though there is no evidence to prove so. the site was clean of prints. the looters, all suspect, are professionals.

all tomatoe and pepper plants claim to feel no sign of weakness or malaise from the event. in fact, the garden is all a twitter with the excitement of being the center of such and investigation. the morning glories looked especially beautiful this morning, maybe in hopes of the tv cameras catching them at their best. all are hoping for an interview opportunity.

shellywoman the gardener when asked how she planned to prevent another hit says she "chose simply to water in the powdered milk a bit in hopes of deterring a second hit" though she also expressed a respect for the creative craftsmanship of the looters themselves. " they took what they wanted without the destruction of a single plant, i thank them for their consideration."

several of the basil plants hope they are given a second chance to see the culprits; flirts that they are. their scent when interviewed was especially potent. all denied any intentional enhancement of their fragrance but suspiciously each blushed at the question.

for now the case of the illusive powdered milk looters remains open.

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