Wednesday, August 8, 2007

accepting who you are

funny how this summer's events have picked up. try as i might to slow down life continues at a steady and fairly rapid pace. maybe this is just who i am. i refuse to think so.

but then i must be truthful with self
1. i am the busy living person- no flies on me
2. it is that which keeps me busy that i hope to change.

i do have a plan. it's far from where i am today. it has nothing to do with my current career and i'd need a chunk of money to get there.

so i'm saving. i have vowed to save 10% of every freelance paycheck and 5% of every university teaching paycheck toward this goal. granted the savings may need to assist with other home repairs or such but at least it's a start. i would save more but i've got debt to pay and i'm putting that first. i've always been good with the mortgage payments, never missed a one. this leaves very little extra cash, near to none really but i think the prize is worth the effort. food, shelter, clothing... check! so here we are -- frugal times.

i've got the garden to help out with groceries. i've got plenty of clothes and a a wonderful home. so how about birthdays and holidays. well i've been doing better with that. often i'll see something hand made by folks on my travels. i just buy it then with someone in mind at farmers market or an artist's studio. then i just hold on to the gift until the birthday or holiday hits the calendar. it allows a slow steady gathering of gifts rather than clustered spending. the gifts become more personal, the seeking of them less enjoyable and much less stressful and the craft hand made is wonderful. it's nice to tell the recipient a bit about the artist.

if all else in the finance department fails (which it won't, i hope) i've got plenty of pickles, tomatoe sauce and preserves to get me through a few months.

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