Wednesday, July 25, 2007

trail to a more fruitful life

woohoo! it's been a bit of a whirlwind the past few weeks. design gigs back to back in and out of town. working in theatres and staying at locations sans wireless internet has really put things back a bit here. and off i go again tomorrow so today is about cleaning up the house, the garden, the lawn and washing a bit of clothing so that the return is that much sweeter. i truly enjoy coming home to a tidy house. i'm not one for messes.

regardless of my checking in online or not, i've been doing a lot of thinking. waits at airports and airline flights offer one time enough to get some good thought going and as habit i try to write things down once the ideas begin to shape themselves into something coherent. i came up with a few lists that i'll share. one is my guideline for living a happy life. one is a wish list. and one is a to do list. along with the three lists i have been evaluating the current landscaping layout of the yard and thinking how to better arrange vegetables, fruits, small trees and flowers to benefit all. i've got it all drawn out in the notebook which i'll either scan and upload here or draw in a digital format to share. i'll wait until later in the year when the temperatures are more mild before moving any plants so as to lessen the amount of stress they experience. lastly i planned out the winter garden.

so here we go: the lists
shelly's guidelines for a happy life
  • give unnecessary items to charity
  • share with neighbors
  • let my family and friends know that i love them
  • keep it local
    • garden
    • goods
    • gifts
  • be supportive of
    • family
    • friends
    • community efforts
    • colleagues
  • lighten up
    • see funny movies
    • read funny stories
    • listen to comedic commentaries
  • get a message
    • rub out the kinks
  • say "no thank you" without guilt
  • tell the truth
  • finish what you start
  • limit projects
    • be selective
  • schedule time for self
  • eat for health
  • love my own skin
  • run/walk/bike for happiness
  • challenge my body
  • simplify
    • love simply
    • seek simple shelter
    • eat simple food
  • give yourself a break
  • get up early
  • sleep more when possible
  • forgive more
  • judge less
  • release fear
  • save more
  • spend less

to do list
  • when shopping, leave the car at home
  • fix the fence/repaint the fence
  • reconfigure garage use
  • build seed starting shelf
  • redo north brick walkway
  • rethink studio work space
  • caulk home exterior/interior
    • especially around windows and doors
  • add locking screen door to front and side of house
  • border all landscaping with stone or brick
  • trim down prairie grass garden
    • a bit out of control currently
  • reconfigure vegetable garden and small orchard bushes and brambles
wish list: long term and short term dreaming
  • raise chickens
  • obtain all food and most goods from local sources
  • install grey water system
  • install fire pit
  • interact more with community
  • knit, sew and build for own personal needs
  • continue food storage education
    • build a solar food dryer
  • continue evolution of home garden and orchard
  • learn various uses for herbs
  • run own business in my small little town
    • eco friendly
    • organic
    • healing
    • comfort base
      • be it food, goods, etc.
    • include a community garden in it's being as a point gathering technique
    • teach hand skills and/or self sustaining skills
      • knitting
      • cooking
      • building
      • food storage
      • gardening
        • invite guests to teach their special skills
          • cheese making
          • wine making
          • tree grafting
          • bread making
          • home maintenance
          • storytelling
          • geneology
          • dancing - folk, cultural or heritage based
          • creative writing - short story, poetry, journaling
          • environmental awareness
          • natural wildlife and fauna hikes
      • sell locally made goods
      • offer the community "work for goods option"
      • promote community service
      • host community improvement days
      • involve local elders
        • talk about their days in town
        • ask them to share specials skills they may have
        • create outreach to those in need
        • collect and record their histories and stories from life
      • promote art and music
        • offer kids arts days
          • decorate walkway with chalk drawings
          • community published kid art calender
          • music days
          • storytelling days
          • make your own musical instrument days
          • create a children's garden planted by kids
      • offer iced tea and clean water to any who visit
      • host 5k and 10k run/walk events (adult and kiddos)
      • host a pet walk/run
      • write a weekly or monthly newsletter
      • keep a board with green and happiness based tips and quotes
although this is currently a dream, i do hope to start whatever i can prior to officially opening the good citizen (that will be the name of the gathering place or maybe it should just be the gathering place). why wait? life is now. the more i try today the more i learn along the way. anyone interested in helping me make this happen please write. thanks.

that's all for now folks. remember, ideas are never small.


Anonymous said...

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Naomi said...

I just found your blog, and I LOVE your thoughts! I also yearn for a simpler, more wholesome life. I am far from accomplishing all I want to, but I'm taking tiny baby steps towards happiness and self sufficiency every day. I now make my own yogurt and bread each week, am learning about cheesemaking, and yesterday finished my first crocheted hat! Your blog is so inspiring - keep it up! Blessings...