Sunday, May 27, 2007

chicken soup and helping others

it's funny and true that anytime you make an effort to help someone else that you often get more in return. today that happened to me.

my next door neighbor, not she who mows, but another broke her foot. she's a fantastic single mom with two teen/young adult children who could not be nicer. she's got a great mom and dad who have been helping her out this past week, shopping, cleaning up, taxi-ing the kids to soccer, band and every other of the many activities they take part in. i decided to make her some chicken soup. i thought that something homemade might be nice.

i used potatoes, tomatoes, herbs and onions from the garden along with an organic chicken. chicken soup is one my specialties, mostly because i love it and have taken many stabs at the making of it. so i brought it over to her and landed in a fascinating conversation with she, her mom and her dad
that has really made my day . we now, the lot of us, have plans to frequent an outdoor music festival once or twice a month. one of my great faults is that i don't get out with others to have fun as much as i should. i love outdoor music and good company which they are, so really the gift today returned itself.

most important, i learned that there's a lot of love next door. that's good to know. i enjoy my neighbors; definitely a good thing on the path to happiness.

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